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Which is more potent, supplements or food?

Hello, I’m Ben Moss, working alongside my father, Dr. Ralph W. Moss, to disseminate his extensive research and insights on myriad cancer-related subjects.

In the fourth season of The Moss Report Podcast, my father and I delve into numerous health and dietary topics, particularly focusing on foods with beneficial properties that have been rigorously studied.

A recurring topic of discussion—one that remains a conundrum for me—is whether it’s more beneficial to consume certain foods, like parsley, or to take supplements containing their active compounds, such as Apigenin. It’s a debate that invites personal judgment, and I encourage you to share your thoughts with us.

From my understanding, the answer is nuanced. Dr. Moss’s preference leans towards whole foods, suggesting that, when possible, they’re the superior choice. However, supplements hold their ground for two reasons: they offer a concentrated dose of the active ingredient, potentially increasing its bioavailability in the bloodstream, and they provide a practical alternative when fresh, healthful foods aren’t readily available. Supplements can ensure a consistent presence of these beneficial compounds in your system, potentially offering a more sustained effect compared to sporadic large doses.

This doesn’t definitively settle the debate, but it does reflect our stance on supplements. They are not a replacement for a diet rich in fresh ingredients but a complementary addition to it. Bearing this philosophy in mind, we will continue to feature both supplements and fresh food options here, providing links to purchase the former and recipes to help you integrate the latter into your daily diet.

Thank you for reading my inaugural blog post on The Moss Report Store. We remain dedicated to your journey toward health and healing.

Warm regards,

Ben Moss

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