The data in The Moss Report is comprehensive and well-referenced.

I found Liz at The Moss Report very accommodating and helpful concerning our situation. The data in The Moss Report is comprehensive and well-referenced, easy to read, and covers a plethora of information on the subject of Cancer. It is in and of itself an important reference for me as a physician and husband of a newly diagnoses cancer patient, I have at my fingertips additional tools to navigating through the early stage of decision making that it takes in developing the best course of action for my wife that includes the best of Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine in handling this disease. I highly recommend it if you are in the same situation, or you are a doctor who wants to share this data with your patients. You will need it to interact with your doctors who might not be aware of the peer-reviewed references on alternatives available, what they are, and how and when to apply this information in the treatment of your loved one or yourself. You can’t have enough knowledge when you are making critical decisions that might improve the outcome and survival of yourself and/or the people you love in their treatment.

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