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Supplement Science!

Dr. Ralph W. Moss, with decades of research into cancer stem cell science, has shared his painstakingly collected list of scientific resources and studies! This page is a gold mine for those who are interested in the science of this fascinating health-related topic.

His work illuminates a fascinating discovery: while conventional pharmaceuticals have limited impact on cancer stem cells (CSCs), numerous natural compounds have demonstrated efficacy against them. This pivotal revelation underscores the potential of natural substances in the realm of cancer research, offering promising avenues for non-pharmaceutical approaches to combating CSCs.

Dr. Moss’s meticulously curated research not only offers hope but also challenges conventional understanding, paving the way for innovative strategies in cancer treatment.

With this science in mind, he has also carefully curated The Moss Method – Stem Cell Pack.

Dr. Moss’ Selected Research Articles On Natural Products Vs. Cancer Stem Cells

2011 – Implications of Cancer Stem Cell Theory for Cancer Chemoprevention by Natural Dietary Compounds

2012 – Cancer Stem Cells: Potential Target for Bioactive Food Components

2015 – Natural Products That Target Cancer Stem Cells

2017 – The Use of Natural Agents to Target Cancer Stem Cells

2016 – Therapeutic Effectiveness of Anticancer Phytochemicals on Cancer Stem Cells

2016 – Targeting cancer stem cells and signaling pathways by phytochemicals: Novel approach for breast cancer therapy

2017 – Emerging Importance of Dietary Phytochemicals in Fight Against Cancer: Role in Targeting Cancer Stem Cells

2018 – Targeting Cancer Stem Cells for Chemoprevention of Pancreatic Cancer

2019 – Dietary Phytochemicals Targeting Cancer Stem Cells

2020 –  A Review of Natural Therapies Potentially Relevant in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Aimed at Targeting Cancer Cell Vulnerabilities.

2021 – Targeting Cancer Stem Cells by Dietary Agents: An Important Therapeutic Strategy against Human Malignancies

2021 – The “Big Five” Phytochemicals Targeting Cancer Stem Cells: Curcumin, EGCG, Sulforaphane, Resveratrol and Genistein.

2021 – Treatment for liver cancer: From sorafenib to natural products

Key Concepts Concerning Cancer Stem Cells

2008 – “Only a specific subset of cancer cells within each tumor is responsible for tumor initiation and propagation….”

There are now over 16,000 scientific articles on cancer stem cells (CSCs)

2012 – “Cancer stem cells are rare chemotherapy resistant cells within a tumor which can serve to populate the bulk of a tumor with more differentiated daughter cells and potentially contribute to recurrent disease.”

CSCs represent a small percentage (about 1%) of all cancer cells

CSCs have the ability to self-renew

To generate all the diverse cells that comprise the tumor bulk.

They are responsible for local tumor recurrences

CSCs are responsible for distant metastases

CSCs are resistant to both radiation and chemotherapy

But they are susceptible to immunotherapy (vaccines)

And common repurposed drugs

And to particular foods and food-derived factors

And to phytochemicals (“The Big Five,”) etc.

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