Doctored Results

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By Ralph W. Moss, PhD
Format: PDF File | 242 pages | Publication date: 2014

Doctored Results is a gripping exposé of one of the major scientific scandals of the 20th century. The book provides an insider’s account of the controversial suppression of the anti-cancer agent, laetrile, at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Moss, who was the assistant director of public affairs at the center, reveals the cover-up of positive tests with laetrile and the orders he received from officials to falsify reports. Refusing to comply, he organized an underground group called Second Opinion to oppose the cover-up.

This book, published in 2014, is a first-person narrative detailing these shocking events, offering a unique and dramatic perspective on a significant moment in cancer research history. Moss is known for his extensive work in the field, having authored more than a dozen books on cancer and produced several film documentaries. His book not only explores the specific incident at Sloan-Kettering but also sheds light on the broader issues of scientific integrity and the influence of pharmaceutical interests in cancer research.

Doctored Results is a significant contribution to the literature on cancer treatment and research ethics, providing valuable insights for readers interested in understanding the complexities and challenges of cancer research and the impact of institutional policies on scientific discovery​.


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