Cancer, Incorporated

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By Ralph W. Moss, PhD
Format: PDF File | 238 pages | Publication date: 2020

Cancer, Incorporated is a critical exploration of the pharmaceutical industry’s role in the development and marketing of cancer drugs. This book presents a thorough critique of the underlying motivations and practices within the cancer drug business, focusing on the influence of Big Pharma. Moss argues that the industry is driven more by profit than by the genuine desire to find effective cancer treatments.

The book delves into the manipulation of cancer drug development by pharmaceutical companies, leading to the production of drugs that are minimally effective, unsafe, and exorbitantly priced. Moss highlights how Big Pharma has corrupted the field of oncology by influencing key opinion leaders in the industry.

This book is a significant contribution to the discourse on the pharmaceutical industry’s role in cancer treatment, offering insights into the complexities of drug development and marketing in the context of one of the most challenging health issues of our time​.


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