High Polyphenol Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
500ml Bottle, 2-pack

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Our delicious, nourishing, extra-virgin olive oil is aligned with scientific insights on health and wellness. Key studies, including a comprehensive meta-analysis involving nearly one million participants, suggest significant health benefits from regular olive oil consumption. Notably, these studies indicate a potential reduction in various cancer risks.

 High in Polyphenols600mg/Kg
 Certified Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
 Freshest Harvest Available
 UV Resistant Glass Bottle
 Produce of California

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Each order contains two 500 ml bottles, a 2-month supply.

Our olive oil has a concentration of over 600 mg/kg of naturally occurring olive polyphenols.

  • Impressive Findings: A comprehensive study involving nearly one million participants revealed that regular consumption of olive oil can substantially reduce the risk of various cancers. The study showed a 31% overall reduction in cancer risk among high olive oil consumers.
  • Specific Benefits: Further analysis indicated a 37% reduction in breast cancer, 27% in gastrointestinal cancer, and an extraordinary 52% reduction in urinary tract cancers.
  • Daily Consumption: Integrating just two tablespoons of our olive oil into your daily diet aligns with the study’s findings, reflecting a practical approach to harnessing these benefits.
  • Our olive oil is sourced from the finest groves in California: The olive oil is rich in polyphenols, which are well known for their antioxidant properties. This cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from olives hand-picked at the peak of ripeness and milled within hours of harvest.

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