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Immunotherapy: The Battle Within – The Evolution of Cancer Treatment

The Moss Family Legacy

Our award-winning documentary, “Immunotherapy: The Battle Within,” reflects not just a scientific journey but also represents our family’s legacy in the battle against cancer. Honored at the Colorado International Activism Film Festival and an Official Selection at The Big Apple Film Festival, this film is a Moss family collaboration, presenting groundbreaking insights into cancer immunotherapy.

Ben, Martha, Jacob, Evelyn, Elizabeth, Rachael and Dr. Ralph W. Moss

Written and narrated by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D., produced by his son Ben Moss, and directed, shot, and edited by Ben’s son, Jacob Moss, “Immunotherapy: The Battle Within” is more than a documentary; it’s project that combined efforts of three generations of Moss family members, and a tribute to their dedication to the pursuit of innovative cancer treatments.

The Story of Immunotherapy

The documentary takes viewers through the history of immunotherapy, starting with Dr. William B. Coley’s pioneering work in the 1890s. It explores how Dr. Coley’s innovative treatments at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center led to numerous cures, only to be overshadowed and neglected for over a century.

The Resurgence of a Forgotten Treatment

Fast forward to 2018, and we witness Dr. James P. Allison receiving the Nobel Prize in Medicine for developing the first immune checkpoint inhibitor. This landmark achievement marks the rebirth of immunotherapy as a cornerstone in cancer treatment. The film critically examines this resurgence, asking pivotal questions about its past disappearance and current potential.

A Global Perspective on Immunotherapy

Beyond historical analysis, the film offers a virtual tour of independent clinics worldwide that employ immunotherapy in novel ways. This global perspective highlights the diverse approaches to utilizing the immune system in cancer treatment.

The Role of Nutrition and Supplements

In line with The Moss Report Store’s philosophy, the film underscores the significance of supporting the body’s natural defenses, including through nutrition and supplementation. The parallels between how certain foods and natural compounds can stimulate the immune response and how immunotherapy leverages the body’s own systems are striking. Our store extends this concept by offering scientifically-backed, natural supplements that complement the body’s intrinsic healing processes.

Our Mission

The Moss Report Store is a continuation of our family effort to advocate for natural, non-toxic methods to bolster health and combat disease.

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